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Product Name: Testoste\'rone enanthat\'e steroids powderCAS: 315 37 7MF:C26H40O3MW:400.59EINECS:206-253-5Purity:99%Appearance: white or off-white crystalline powder. ANALYTICAL ITEMSSPECIFICATIONANALYTICAL RESULTSAppearanceWhite crystalline powderWhite crystalline powderSpecific rotation+7

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High Purity Steroids Powder Test Raw Enan Powder USA WarehouseProduct Name: Testoste'rone enanthat'e steroids powder
CAS: 315 37 7

Appearance: white or off-white crystalline powder.

AppearanceWhite crystalline powderWhite crystalline powder
Specific rotation+77 ~+82+78
Melting range34 ~3934 ~39
Related substances
A single impurity≤ 1.0%0.95%
 Total impurities≤ 2.0%1.55%
 Waters≤ 0.5%0.3%
High Purity Steroids Powder Test Raw Enan Powder USA WarehouseHigh Purity Steroids Powder Test Raw Enan Powder USA Warehouse
NO.Product Name:Label:
1Testoste baseTB
2Testoste Enanthat TE
3Testoste CypionatTC
4Testoste AcetatTA
5Testoste PropionatTP
6Testoste DecanoatTD
7Testoste PhenylpropionatTPP
8Testoste Blend / Sustan250S250
9Testoste Undecanoat / AndriTU
10Testoste IsocaproatTI
11Mestero / ProvirProv
134-chlorinedehydro-methyl testoste/TurinabCH
14Methyl drostanol / Superdl /MethasteSup
15Fluoxymestero / HalotestFlou
174-Chlorotestoste Acetate/Closteb acetat4CA
21Oxandro / AnavOA
22Metandien / DianaDB
23Oxymetho / AnadrOxy
24Stanoz / winstrST
25Bolde undecanoat / EquiposeEQ
26Bolde AcetatBA
27Bolde baseBB
28Bolde CypionatBC
29Bolde PropionatBP
30Nandr Decanoat ND
31Nandr Phenylpropiona/Deca DurabolinNP
32Nandr baseNB
33Nandr CypionatNC
34Nandr UndecylatNU
35Trenbo Acetat/Revalor-HTBA
36Trenbo EnanthatTBE
37Trenbo Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate / ParabolTBH
38Trenbo BaseTBB
39Drostanol Propionat /  Master PropionatDP
40Drostanol Enanthat / Master EnanthatDE
41Methenolo Acetat / Primobo AcetatMA
42Methenolo Enanthat / Primobol EnanthatME
43Tamoxif Citrate / NolvadNol
44Clomiph Citrate / ClomClo
45Letr / Letraz / Fema Let
46Anastro / ArimiAri
47Exemest /Aromas Exe
48Formest / LentarForm
49Cytomel T3 / Liothyronine sodiumT3
50L-Thyroxine/ T4 / tetraiodothyronineT4
51Sildena / ViagSil
52Tadalafil / CialiCia
53Vardena / Fardena / LevitVar
54Dapoxeti / PriliDap
55Yohimbine Hydrochloride / Corynine / AphrodineYoh
56Dutasteri / AvodaDut
57Finasteri / ProscFin
58MK-677 (Nutrobal / Ibutamore)MK
60GH 10IU/vialGH
61CG 5000IU/vialCG
62GH raw powderGHP
High Purity Steroids Powder Test Raw Enan Powder USA WarehouseHigh Purity Steroids Powder Test Raw Enan Powder USA WarehouseQ1:Can I get some raw steroids samples?
A:Sure,we can supply the free hormones sample,but the shipping cost be paid buy our customers.
Q2:How to make orders?
A:Please send inquiry to us,after we come to an agreement,send payment via Paypal, Bitcoin,Western Union,Moneygram or Bank account,then we ship products out and give tracking number to you.
Q3:How to delivery?
A:Pack shipped in 3 days(Chinese holiday not included) after payment,usually ship via EMS,HKEMS,DHL,TNT,FedEx,UPS Domestic fast shipping...
If there any troubles with shipping address,we will ship with stealth packages,to guarantee you get packs without problems.
Q4:Is there any discount?
A:Yes.The price is negotiable,If you order large quantity or some products together,you will get discount and enjoy free shipping.
Q5:What is the Minimum order quantity?
A:The Min. order quantity according to your request,10g,50g all is OK.
But the price according to the order quantity,the larger the order is,the better the price is.
Q6:How to handle quality complaints?
A:Our quality control will reduce the quality to near zero,but if there is a quality problem caused by us,we will ship free products for replacement or refund your loss.

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High Purity Steroids Powder Test Raw Enan Powder USA Warehouse


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